Friday, November 18, 2011

Isang Bata donates toys for Dagdag Dunong's Halloween project

Isang Bata donated toys for Dagdag-Dunong Project's Halloween Storytelling last October 31, 2011 in Kamias, Quezon City. Dagdag-Dunong Project's partners are Balangay Productions and Kagawad Dennis Joaquin. Isang Bata would like to thank Dino Narciso, Candie Cobiao and Bebang Siy for helping make the project happen.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Written for "Writers Unite! 09.26.11 Write for Climate Justice"

by Ime Morales of Freelance Writers of the Philippines

I remember Ondoy very well because it was not only my city that suffered, my personal life at the time was taking a beating as well. After Ondoy, we all recovered somehow, however slow. Time healed the wounds and we moved on. We should be stronger and wiser for it. And perhaps we are. For Ondoy, like any adversity, has the power not only to destroy but to bring out our strengths.

And we should know, however scary the thought may be, that Ondoy will come again, maybe in different forms. Literally and figuratively. Somehow we'd be better prepared. Just think of it this way. If there was no Ondoy, we probably won't be fighting for climate justice today.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Isang Bata on CodeRED

Ruth Manimtim-Floresca of CodeRED recently wrote a feature on Isang Bata. Thank you to Ruth and Ms. Romelda Ascutia (EIC) for giving us space. Here are pages 16-18 of the June-August 2011 issue.

Monday, September 5, 2011

3rd and final leg of Isang Bata's 2011 Back-to-School Project

Isang Bata once again worked with Akap Bata to distribute school supplies to more than a hundred children in Malanday, Marikina last July, 2011. We also gave the local school more than a hundred books to build a library. Thank you to Sara Denise Mendoza for the photos, to Dino Narciso for coordinating and spearheading this event, and to Arlene Brosas and Akap Bata for the partnership.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Helping the children of San Roque Primary School in Lanao del Norte

(Excerpt from the report Isang Bata received from Kaabag Ranaw, Inc., Isang Bata's partner in this project. Another important partner is LBC Express and LBC Foundation, particularly Jose C. Garcia, who took care of sending all four boxes to Lanao del Norte.)

As of July 6, 2011, San Roque Primary school has a total of 100 pupils from day care to grade IV. Isang Bata sent over 100 school kits for these children, plus around a hundred books to build a small library. The following is the summary of recipients:

Kinder - 25
Grade 1 - 22
Grade 2 - 17
Grade 3 - 17
Grade 4 - 19

Books are very limited in San Roque Primary School. Only the teachers have text books. This is one of the reasons why the school does not have competitive/excellent students. Indeed, the children and the teachers are thankful for the rare opportunity to receive high-quality books.

Photos below are courtesy of Kaabag Ranaw, Inc., through Jojo Pacaldo, Executive Director.

This project would not be possible without the support and generosity of ‎Dino Narciso, Irene Chia, Kat Palasi, Lalaine F. Yanilla Aquino, Candie Cobiao, Joy Ty-Sy, ‎Henry Salazar, Jane Frances Salazar, Cooki Co Macatol, Iten Zamora del Rosario, Emmeline Aglipay, Aze Ramos, ‎Sara Denise Mendoza, Resti Hallig Santiago, Susan Cristie Delovino-Belmonte and LBC Express' Tedd Santos.

Ms. Alfanta, checking the school enrollee master list.

Kaabag Ranaw, Inc. staff members counting the books for turn over.

The kinder teacher browses through the books with interest.

Bgy. Captain Escorial, Ms. Alfanta and Kaabag Ranaw, Inc. staff members facilitate the distribution.

Child signing the acknowledgment receipt.

One school kit per child.

A short story telling session after the turn over.

The truck that brings the children to and from school. They cover a distance of 4 kilometers each time.

"SCHOOL BUS". Since around 40% of the constituents of San Roque are settling in the coastal area, a number of students go up and down every day. The barangay council has allocated budget for a 2-way travel every day from the coastal barangay to San Roque, a distance of about 4 kilometers. They usually leave at 7:00 and depart San Roque at 4:00 – 5:00 in the afternoon. This practice made the students even closer.

(Ime's note: This is such a strong image. I could not help but think of the school buses we have in Manila. In Lanao, these children have to make themselves fit in this truck and travel on rough roads while standing up for 4 kilometers every day, twice a day, rain or shine, without a roof over their heads--just to attend their classes. Could not imagine doing that myself. Amazing children.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

173 books for Cabasagan Elementary School

Isang Bata turned over 173 books to the representative of Cabasagan Elementary School in Lanao del Norte yesterday. The principal, Intan Magigired, expresses her overflowing gratitude. Thank you to Agnes Atienza, Sush Narciso, Resti Hallig Santiago, Irene Chia, Aithne Lao, Joy Ty-Sy and Michelle Siy Yap. If you haven't seen the school, it might be difficult to grasp how big a difference 173 books could make on the lives of the students here.

We donated the following books: Science, Math, Religion, ICT, Pilipino/Pagbasa, Reference, Reading/Language, History/Culture, Activity books and of course, story books.

This is Cabasagan. Photos by Kat Palasi.

Dedat Salem, son of Cabasagan Elementary School principal Intan Magigired, receives the books from Isang Bata, including a 17-volume Encyclopedia Britannica donated by the Narciso family (through Sush).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The difference that one pencil can make

It’s hard to believe, but in many places in the Philippines, there are children who don’t go to school just because they don’t have a pencil. Or paper to write on. But sometimes, they go ahead and go to class without these, and they end up not learning anything.

There is a small primary school in Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte called San Roque Primary School. Last year, the school served around 80 students in four grade levels. It only had two teachers. This year, the school expects enrollment to swell to more than a hundred, however, the administrators are apprehensive due to limited school resources and the students’ inability to secure basic school supplies.

This school year, Isang Bata would like to reach out to the primary school children of the remote barangay of San Roque. They have literally been forgotten by many aid workers, the Department of Education (last year text books were given ONLY to teachers), and other aid agencies probably due to distance, difficulty of travel and security concerns because of conflict in the area.

Isang Bata’s appeal. It is a rare opportunity for us Manila residents to be able to send help to our children in the remote areas of Mindanao. Through this small project, we at Isang Bata are really hoping that many will take this chance to send some assistance over to Kolambugan. Please send me, Ime, a message through 09179378617, 09202770315 or School supplies, books in good condition, toiletries and snacks for the children, and cash (for shipping expenses) are welcome. We hope to be able to help at least 100 students this year, and we want to get these donations to them by June 19 at the latest. So if you intend to share something, please send it over by June 15. And please help us spread the word through your blog, social networks, email groups, etc. Just cut and paste this announcement. Thank you very much.